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What to See in the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is another of Canada’s territories that you might think, on first glance, doesn’t have much to offer. Well, like Nunavut and Yukon, it really depends on personal taste – if you enjoy exploring Canada’s wilderness, then all three of these destinations would be great, but if you like good hotels, shopping malls and upscale restaurants they just won’t cut it! If I was travelling to the Northwest Territories, here’s what I would want to see and do: Yellowknife – The hub of life in the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife is both the capital and largest city and it’s […]

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Nahanni Country Overview

Fort Simpson took its name from Thomas Simpson, the first governor of the merged Northwest Company and Hudson’s Bay Company. Wrigley, located along the Mackenzie Highway, is still a traditional community of Dene First Nations people, most of whom still live off the land, in the way of their ancestors. Nahanni National Park had a reputation for myth and adventure in the early 20th Century, when gold prospectors heard rumors of deposits and started arriving. Two brothers were found decapitated in the park, and stories of huge mountain men and fierce natives created many myths that are still spoken of […]

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